OSP Unlock Information

Thanks for choosing OSP. The site is making some changes and this step is necessary for you to continue placing orders via OSP. Visiting this page will unlock the OSP preorder option however you MUST be logged in for this to take effect. 

From here please login or create an account. 

On desktop you will need to click the button in the top right that is an icon of a head and shoulders. Then simply log in or create an account.

On mobile you will need to tap the 3 horizontal lines which will open a side menu. From there you just need to tap the Login or Create Account link. 

Once done simply visit this page again:

This will then grant access to an extra drop down on the items page labelled OSP Deposit. You can then check out as normal. 

A few things to bear in mind. 

Reward points may not be used to place deposits due to the already discounted price of the item. 

You will not be sent an invoice for a payment plan via OSP.  You must message me to make payment. Payments have to be made in minimum amounts of £40. 

As always deposits are non refundable. When you place an order we in turn place the order and ourselves pay a non refundable deposit. 

Thanks for your support everyone, it is much appreciated :-)