Payment Options Explained

Planet Action Figures has a variety of payment options to suit everyone. Payment Plans to spread the cost and preorders without laying deposits. Below is an explanation on how these work. 

This option will add the item to the cart ready for checkout. This option is used to Lock-In the price listed. Upon check out your payment method will be charged immediately. Methods accepted are PayPal, Credit and Debit Cards. Planet Action Figures takes security very seriously and only using approved SSL encrypted payment processing. Your in safe hands here.



This option is available when the item is up for preorder and you do not want to pay straight away. No deposits are required to secure an item with Planet Action Figures.

If you use this method it will secure the item for you. Your method of payment will be charged upon dispatch. This option will take you to a Partial.Ly page where you will create an account. Partial.Ly are a leading payment processing company that allow Planet Action Figures to charge your card once the item is ready for dispatch.



This option allows you to spread the cost of the item. Again you will be taken to a page where you will need to create a account. This allows for a much easier transaction for you. Once you have clicked the payment plan button you will be taken to a page. Here you can select the amount of payments you wish to make. These go all the way up to 6 months. Your method of payment will be charged automatically every month until the item is paid in full. By using this option there are no extra fees or interest added. You will still only pay the price of the item. You can pay off the term earlier if you wish and again no charge's or fee's are incurred.



You may keep seeing the term Partial.Ly around the site and when you go to make purchases. Partial.Ly is a leading card processing company. By using them it allows you to spread the cost on any item and preorder items without laying a deposit. Once you select preorder or Payment Plan from any of the product pages it will take you to the Partial.Ly checkout page. You will need to sign up to use this service. Once you have signed up you can checkout in future by simply logging in using your PARTIAL.LY account and NOT your Planet Action Figures account. With Partial.Ly you can check how much you have left to pay, when the payment is next due and even pay the item off early. There are no hidden charges or Fee's to use this service.

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