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Saw Gunner: Iraq Special Forces: SS107: Soldier Story



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  • Ghost balaclava
  • I.S.O.F. exclusive baseball cap
  • Sand/black Arab shemagh head scarf

  • Modern ISOF life-like head sculpt

  • S2.5 body 
  • Bare weapon hand (1 Pair)
  • Bare feet (1 Pair)

  • ISOF camo combat shirt
  • ISOF black T-shirt
  • ISOF camo combat pants
  • Tactical softshell jacket (skull print back) 
  • Inner vest 
  • Merrell hiking boots (sewing / new colour)

  • Paraclete RAV tactical armour vest
  • Paraclete RAV tactical armour shoulder pad (1 Pair)
  • Paraclete RAV tactical armour zip-up molle back panel
  • Paraclete groin protector molle panel
  • Paraclete large utility pouch
  • Paraclete small utility pouch
  • Paraclete medic molle pouch
  • Paraclete radio molle pouch 
  • Paraclete grenade molle pouch x 3
  • Paraclete drop leg dump pouch
  • Paraclete SAW ammo pouch x 2
  • Medium utility pouch
  • SAPI armor plate x 2
  • 5.56 FASTMAG x 4
  • EI M4 double magazine pouch
  • EI admin panel
  • 9mm double magazine pouch x 2
  • TCI MAST antenna relocation kit 
  • Shot shell holder(8 shells) x 1 
  • Cable tie x 2
  • EMT Scissors (red)
  • Carabiner (black lock) x 2
  • Carabiner x 1
  • Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T)
  • Tourniquet rubber band
  • Light stick (orange) x 3
  • IR Light stick x 3
  • Light stick (yellow / short) x 2
  • Multi- tools
  • M67 Hand grenade x 3
  • Iraq training smoke grenade x 1
  • M18 smoke grenade 
  • Combat knee pad (1 pair)
  • Combat elbow pad (1 pair)
  • Tactical belt
  • Gerber LMF survival knife
  • Gerber LMF survival knife sheath
  • I.S.O.F. issue safety lanyard
  • GI M249 SAW ammo box pouch

  • M92F 9mm pistol
  • M92F 9mm magazine x 5 
  • M92F Pistol safety lanyard 
  • Balckhawk SERPA M9 tactical holster
  • LAR-15 5.56mm self-loading rifle /w 14.5 barrel
  • DD Omega rail 7.0
  • Aimpoint comp M4 red dot sight
  • AN/PEQ-2 laser pointer
  • Surefire vertical grip light 
  • 5.56mm 30rd magazine x 3
  • 5.56mm 30rd PMAG x 4
  • PMAG mag pull x 4
  • GI M4 weapon sling
  • M249 SAW machine gun (metal)
  • GI padded sling (M249)
  • M249 SAW ammo box x 4
  • 5.56 bullet link 
  • 5.56 bullet link (waist)
  • Shot shell (red) x 5
  • Shot shell (grey) x 3

  • PRC-152 tactical radio 
  • PRC-152 blade antenna
  • Radio extension cable
  • Comtec II radio headset (modified)
  • Comtec II radio PTT

  • ISOF embroidered velcro name patch x2
  • IRAQ/ISOF embroidered Flag velcro patch (long shape) x2
  • IRAQ embroidered flag velcro patch (long shape)
  • ISOF embroidered CT round velcro patch
  • ISOF embroidered Gold division patch
  • ISOF embroidered SF velcro patch x 1
  • ISOF embroidered wing velcro patch 
  • ISOF embroidered commando school velcro patch 
  • ISOF embroidered unit velcro patch x 2 

  • Exclusive ISOF skull printed figure stand & name plate 

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            When shipping outside of the UK we mainly use DHL and Parcel Force. These are trackable and can take up to 10 working days to arrive to you. 


             All items are bubble wrapped then packed in to a double walled box. This is to minimise damage to art boxes.

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